Huong Viet Restaurant

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Huong Viet is a bustling center of Vietnamese food heaven. Well known for fantastic food and amazingly swift and attentive service.  They have been family owned and in service here at Eden Center for 20+ years! Over the decades their clientele have become like family. They garner praise from the media and locals alike; winning them over with their intricately prepared and authentic dishes.  Whether it is a snack or full meal, you will find your heart’s delight at HV


Address: 6785 Wilson Blvd., Falls Church, VA 22044-3302
Telephone: (703) 538-7110
Hours of Operation: Open daily 10 AM to 10 PM – Fri – Sat: 10 AM to 11 PM
Forms of Payment Accepted:
Cash Only


That thinly shaved grilled beef, seasoned with scallions and fried onion, is luscious; served with a mound of fine rice noodles, fresh herbs and lightly pickled carrots, all of which are meant to be splashed with a clear combination of fish sauce, vinegar and sugar, it’s a trip to Saigon in each bite. “Salted pork’s rib” turns out to be a mound of meat, lightly caramelized, just a touch salty and moistened with a fine brown gravy. And the chicken curry is by turns delicate and feisty on the tongue. (Someone needs to tell the kitchen to go easy on the sugar, though: Both the peanut dipping sauce for my summer rolls and a bowl of sweet-and-sour shrimp soup border on cloying.) -Washington Post

The menu is long and varied, and the food comes out fast, but the renditions of central and southern Vietnamese cuisine never taste rushed. Sour and sweet, crunchy and tender, warm and cool are all in balance. Salads made from crisp lotus root get a smoky counterpoint from folds of cold pork. A roasted quail, its lacquered skin brightened by a drop of lime and ground pepper, is best eaten right off the bone. Frog’s legs crisped in butter are as light as we’ve tasted and come dressed with fresh cilantro and mint. Greaseless spring rolls stuffed with pork are standard-setters. It’s tempting to make a meal of starters, but then you’d miss the tangy soups (try the sweet-and-sour-shrimp version), the springy wide noodles, the lemongrass pork, and the caramel hot pots of fish and pork stoked with chilies.

Restaurants come and go at the Eden Center, but this one has endured longest. And it’s still the best reason to jockey for a parking space on a Sunday morning. -Washingtonian

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